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He studied music theory and piano with the Russian teachers Irina Litvin, Irina Sachli, and Dimitro Riesnik.

He studied electroacoustic composition with Alejandro Iglesias Rossi, Jose Manuel Berenguer and Ricardo Mandolini. He studied sound art & video with Barbara Held, Carmen Pardo and Jose Manuel Berenguer.  He studied Sonology with: Joel Ryan, Peter Pabon, Kess Tasselar

He began in music as a child studying the voice and some years of classical piano. He studied music at various universities in Colombia , from 2006 to 2010, he studied theater during 2010 and at the same time took courses in sound engineering, recording, mixing and mastering, during this period he recorded and produced soundtracks for documentaries and audiovisual projects of all kinds. In 2011, he settled in Buenos Aires / Argentina until 2015, where he studied film studies and pursued a master's degree in musical creation, new technologies and traditional arts at the "UNTREF" National University, where his deep interest in electroacoustic music emerged. his first work "Anunciación" in 2012 in Cordoba / Argentina (Destellos Foundation / CORAT) in turn made up during that same year the orchestra led by the composer Alejandro Iglesias Rossi. Since 2012 he has premiered electroacoustic works and video art pieces under the pseudonym Ideofonía Ancestral.In 2015 he moved to Barcelona / Spain where he studied and completed the master's degree in sound art at the University of Barcelona, at the same time he attended workshops in analog film production taught by Crater Lab. In 2016 he moved to The Hague / Holland studying there in sonology and electroacoustic composition , In 2018 he returned to Spain culminating his film studies in Madrid. He studied a degree in psychology between 2018 and 2022 at the Open and Distance National University of Colombia.



Curator and curator at video-art festivals and multidisciplinary laboratories, in collaboration and simultaneously with countries such as Germany, the United States and Spain. Among those that stand out: 2014: Expo Ideofónica: video and performance. Tribute to the work of Claudio Caldini and Luís Ospin a. [individual curatorship] Buenos Aires, Arg 2014 Pop up kino / Buenos Aires - Berlin: [ Curated with Claudio Ongaro Haelterman ] 2015 Kino Palais: Images that feel cycle : Palais de Glace Museum of modern art in Buenos Aires. [ Curator with Macarena Cordiviola]

He gave workshops on musical creation at the Colombian educational institution SENA in 2009. Bucaramanga, Santander. He has composed and designed soundtracks for the production companies ESCAC Films / Barcelona and Celula Films / Colombia in 2011 and 2014.

His creative interests and multiple ways of investigating the human psyche have found him in person with Jodorowsky several years ago, opening windows to a path of knowledge and syncretic training between the sacred and the profane, audiovisual poetry, deep listening and the language of the unconscious.

He worked alongside Cristóbal Jodorowsky as a musician and assistant in plays, there he lived through a rigorous theatrical montage process crossed at all times by psychomagic and arcane knowledge.

director of laboratory art science and technology 2022


In alliance with:





Drector Peformance colectiva, Domo Planteario de Bogotá 2022 "sonificación de datos ambientales de Bogotá" Encuentros Nerd 2022.

Articles and published texts: 

selected presentations and works:


-Festival Este 2023. Estudio Contrapuntistico.

Intermediale Festival. 2023. TOTEM 

- Rewire Magazine. Experimental Music Latinoamerica. By Otono Mexico

- Antology From Experimental Music Latinoamerica.


- insonora Madrid: pieza Audiovisual "Monolito Rumi"

- Open Vision Festival - "interfaz" (interfaz documental) 

- Festival de música contemporanea, "en el acto de sonar" Bogotá Colombia.

-Intermediale Festival Poland. 2022 "totem" video piece.

-SONIC MATTER. Contemporary Music Festival in Zurich 2022 "Reflejo arquetipal" electroacosutic work

-Artka plataforma, Ecos Visuales. "totem"

-Artka plataforma, Escuchas 2022 "Reflejo Arquetipal"

-Artka Plataforma Live Act 2022 "tarot interfaz" SOFA 2022 Corferias.

-Fiber Festival video "totem" 2022

Videosyntezy2 (2022) Poland. "TOTEM" 



- CineToro Film festival.  Documental "Interfaz"

- festival de poesía y música. Chile estudio contrapuntístico 

- Vartex 9 Muestra de cine y video experimental. documental "Interfaz"

- New York city Electroacoustic Music Festival NYCEMF.  Monolito Rumi. pieza de video y electroacústica.

- Festival internacional de la imagen. (paisajes sonoros) documental "Interfaz"


- SONAR. + D  "Estudio Contrapuntístico"


- MUSLAB Electroacoustic Music Festival: Masturbatory Litophone


-concert-Kon With Royal Conservatory. Netherlands, Sonolgy Discussion


Catálogo. pag 180. 

-UK Noisefloor 2017. Visual Music Concert.


-Understand visual music - Brazil

-MUSIKHÖGSKOLANS KONSERTSERIE visual music concert. Sweden. University of Orebro.

-Festival de la imagen / Colombia. (Eurydice: electro acoustic & video)

-Electroacoustic Music Festival Catholic University. Chili. (Eurydice: electroacoustic & video)

-Experimental Film Festival Bogotá. (Eurídice. Pristina, Aural, electroacoustic & video) -Pop up Kino Fest. Berlin (art video)

-Long live the new meat. Video art exhibition, Buenos Aires / Paternal

-Under The Subway. Video Art Fest. (New York. Berlin, Madrid, Buenos Aires, Valencia)

-Berlin (Kleiner Salon)

-Argentine Conference of Contemporary Music 2016, Cordoba Argentina

- Festival ​LOOP. Exposición, Instalación Sonora "Genesis" Convent de Sant Agustí. Barcelona.



-Nits sound art festival, Valencia Esp.

-Hangar Multifocal

- Understanding Visual Music UVM 2015 - Brasil. Eurydice" electroacocustice & video. 

-Sirga Festival- Tarragona Esp. "Eurydice" electroacocustice & video.

-Festival Cinema experimental cineautopsia. Bogotá Eurydice" electroacocustice & video.

-Valdivia Film Festival. Chile

-Barranquilla Film Festival. Museo de arte Moderno. Eurydice" electroacocustice & video.

-Cine Toro Film Festival, Cali Colombia. Eurydice" electroacocustice & video.

-Convent San Agusti. Barcelona. Instalación sonora Festival LOOP.

- Fesival trasterritorial de cine undergorund. argentina 2015. Orfeo, electroacocustice & video



-Pop Up Kino fest 4th ed. - Berlin

- Error process experimental video sample - Chile, Valparaíso

-Sonoimagenes en movimiento. Argentina (electro acoustic & video)

-International exhibition of underground cinema Barcelona

-Cine Toro Film Festival. Colombia Cáli, Valle del Cauca.

-Render All Video. Pereira-Colombia

-MAMM museum of modern art. Medellin Colombia (art video)

-MAMM Intermediation Medellín Colombia

-Idependent Film Festival Cacique Tundáma. Duitáma - Boyacá Colombia



- (scholarship) Visiones Sonoras Morelia Mexico. (electroacoustic work)

-TSONAMI Argentina. (land scape sound)


-CORAT VIII conference of contemporary music "Anunciación" electroacoustic work.

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